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Background and experience of Henk van Dasler

My training background is both Mechanical Engineering as well as Business Administration, my experience is mainly the combination of the two: where and how can (new) technology be used meaningfully, how can employees do their work well and better with the use of technical aids. In technical environments or projects in which new technology played an important role, with gusto I helped realize a diversity of innovations and improvements, both in terms of content and management.

Some examples:

– The Oil & Gas sector has high levels of costly inventory, long lead times of e.g. casted spare parts are an important reason. Shell acknowledged the possibility for saving money here. In close collaboration with suppliers I helped in achieving the selection of relevant spare parts and enhancing the supplier network.

– More bespoke products is a trend in many sectors. Engineering bespoke products and manufacture them for acceptable costs is another story. For a paramedic aid, to be manufactured through 3D Printing, I realised a software-module for easily performing individual modifications in the design stage and by non-technical professionals. The aid itself was tested at a number of patients.

– 3D Printing offers many new opportunities e.g. regarding design and performance. For many that raises a problem: What to choose for area of application? And how will this play out in practice? My assessments and tests in user settings generated much insight: quick and without large investments.

– The supply of hundreds of temporary workers to technical and production companies in times of labor scarcity demands active and targeted labor market communication. At the same time selection and developing qualified candidates requires a lot of effort. As a Content account manager, I spoke the language of the customers due to my technical background. The customers received the employees they needed, in the desired numbers and with the requested qualifications.

– At a subsidiary of ABN Amro Bank the back offices for various commercial labels were merged into one backoffice. Changing workprocesses and outdated administrative system required the introduction of a new ICT application as well as rethinking and realizing new workflows. As Project Manager (Demand) I supported the executive employees in this.

– Cost reductions, increased delivery reliability, more flexibility and increasing product / quality requirements were the motives for making production groups within IHC Holland work more independently. The training and education program to make this possible and that I set up was experienced as very positive by many employees and managers.

– Production lines had to be arranged completely differently at AT&T in order to achieve a much shorter and far more reliable lead time. Did the changes have the desired effect? The logistics performance monitoring system I developed provided quick insight.