Innovate and Improve: Focus, Insight, Realise

An idea for a new way of (more digitized) working, a new technology like Additive Manufacturing or a new product: does it bring the improvements imagined? One of the very first questions requires a reality check before any substantial investment: we can be of help.

Improvements where users play an important role, from small practical matters to sharpening a proposition, from: that is where our knowledge and expertise are.

Reality check = trying. Through testing on a small scale, with a prototype, a few users and with focus on the key elements we provide insight. Insight into the most important costs, returns and risks, but also to get a feeling for its performance. EyemergE assists in focusing by setting the core elements. The result of the test is data to make a better decision: Continue?, and if so What to do next?, in other words you know much better what you’re up to. Next step will be scaling up, where we assist in not getting diverted and maintain focus a.o.

We focus on organizations, departments and projects where technology or manufacturing plays an important role. Technologies like Additive Manufacturing and Digital Simulation can be very helpful, we understand them. However they are tools and means, not goals.

What do we do

Short and simple: leading a project, figuring out, organizing, realizing. An explanation:

– Managing a project: our projects are by definition multidisciplinary. With our diversity regarding experience and personal qualities as listening, asking questions and keeping focus, we bring people together to ensure the outcome is more than the individual sum. Acting, with speed, with energy.

– Figuring out: Selecting new ideas often requires (quantitative) research. Questions like “Is it technically possible at all? ”,“What numbers of products or (different types of) customers and users are we talking about? ”. In some cases digital simulation is a good help. We provide insight for the next steps.

– Organizing: relevant employees and decision-makers must be brought together to generate ideas, solutions, in short, discussion that yields results. The environment and decision-makers must also keep up to date. We ensure that this will happen.

Realization: setting up a focused test with limited resources and understandable results, and at the same be sure you get the insight desired is not an easy thing. be assured we help on that. If it is decided to continue after a successful trial and for example to scale up, we also provide insight here: what is needed in time and money, who will and can do this, how do we ensure that users have the necessary knowledge and skills?